One small weekly good deed makes the world a slightly happier place...

And it's so easy:

  1. Sign up below (we will not be using your email for any other purpose outside of the Weekly Good Deed).
  2. We send you a weekly email with a random good deed for the week.
  3. You do the good deed sometime during the week.
  4. If you like, post about your good deed on our Facebook page!

Note: You can unsubscribe at anytime you like (though hopefully you won't want to...).

What kind of good deeds will you be asked to do?

All good deeds sent to you will be easy to do, and cost either nothing or a very minimal amount (the cost of a cup of coffee, for example).

A sample list of the good deeds that may be sent to you:

Weekly Good Deed would be a great list of good deeds for students, so feel free to reach out to us if you would like help in integrating this project within your class or school program.

Why should you do this?

Why not? Though seriously... our world is so busy, hectic, stressful... we have less and less time to stop for a moment, less and less time to notice those around us, those sharing this life we live, those nameless people we pass every day as we go to and from work, school, the store, home...

The Weekly Good Deed project hopes to offer a small ray of sunshine into a person's busy, hectic week that would otherwise not be there. It may seem insignificant that you're doing such a small thing for one person once a week, but if 100 people sign up that's 100 people a week (5,200 people a year!), if 1,000 people sign up that's 1,000 people a week (52,000 people a year!), 10,000 people signing up with be 520,000 people a year being positrively impacted!

From small steps, big things can grow... please sign up and/or help by spreading the word.

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